Thursday Night Open

Gus4/02/2009 9:11:32 pm PDT

re: #938 USBeast

It totally denies the existence of a supreme being and is far more likely, when it gets a chance, to stomp on the rights of people of faith. Agnosticism is more open to the possibility of a supreme being and is willing to let people of faith to believe what they want to believe without getting in their faces and calling them morons.

I think a true atheist should believe in the rights of others to have faith in their own religion and accept that. With respect to the United States they must also respect the tradition of both our history and the Christian citizens. The social point of atheism is not to force or argue with others to not believe in God but to only attain a personal position atheism on their own or for some within their own group.

Atheism should not be confused with anti-theism. In the case of anti-theists then you will find those that want to “stomp” on other peoples faith. The two should not be confused with one another. There are many popular atheist figures currently garnering attention from the media that lean more towards anti-theism than they do atheism.