Thursday Night Open

USBeast4/02/2009 9:13:17 pm PDT

re: #958 Walter L. Newton

If I don’t believe in a supreme being, then I can’t be a supremacist, since I need something, tangible or otherwise, to be supremacist over.

And I am an atheist and I have NEVER “stomped” on the rights of any people of faith. For a matter of fact, I recommend faith to folks who want it, are satisfied with it, who need it.

I have no problem with religion, until it becomes a danger to me or society or the world in general (IE: Radical Islam).

You don’t know many atheist. Or you want to set up a “boogey man” to make your point.

Rubbish. I know many atheists and several (not all) are absolutely rabid about it. They would quite like to abolish any public display of religious belief and positively foam at the mouth if anyone dares to say a prayer in a public school. I regard them as nutcases who really need to get a life.