The GOP’s ‘Kobayashi Maru’ Problem

If they want a chance in 2016, they must start acting NOW
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11/07/12 11:37:45 pm
re: #38 lawhawk Actually, Kirk was the ONLY candidate to beat the test ...

In the universe of Star Trek, the Kobayashi Maru is a test taken by cadets at Starfleet command. It is presented as a “no win” scenario in which there are only two possible courses of action: 1. Rescue the crew of a damaged ship, but violate a treaty to do …

The Myth of Obama the Socialist, Part III

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts
9/09/12 4:35:16 pm
Thanks for really dialoging now. I think it is wrong and misleading to give one party credit for something that it takes two to achieve. That is part of my point. I hear you that you think I am wrong. ...

2012 RNC ‘Presidential Platform’ Questionnaire Wants to Know How Much You Hate Obama

Would you like to take a survey?
127funky chicken
4/23/12 12:06:49 pm
I got this "survey" as well, and answered it as honestly as I could. I even wrote a couple of notes in the section that asked for comments. I sent it back with no donation (duh) and no real hope ...

GOP Senator: Palin’s ‘Death Panel’ Charge is ‘Nuts’

8/13/09 3:58:14 am
Probably won't see this in a separate post here; Sarah Palin responds: "Of course, it’s not just this one provision that presents a problem. My original comments concerned statements made by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a health policy advisor to President ...