Video: Trump Insists He Saw Arabs Cheering in New Jersey on 9/11, Says He’ll Bring Back Waterboarding

Breitbart commenters want waterboarding on pay per view
11/22/15 11:00:52 pm
re: #240 EmmaAnne Which is a part of my point. Has anyone done this? Not to my knowledge. What's the evidence of her story being fabricated then? That's irrelevant for the purposes of the discussion.

12 Years Later: Remembering 9/11

Heartache and pain that may fade, but will never be forgotten
9/11/13 2:43:42 pm
re: #188 Donna Ballard 'leftynyc' may have went a bit hard on the hyperbole, but I have to respectfully disagree with your response. The NRA hasn't been a sane advocate for gun owners and gun safety in many years; one ...

Rachel Maddow on the Mainstreaming of Crackpot Conspiracy Theories by the Right Wing

The rise of Alex Jones
110Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
4/26/13 12:44:24 pm
re: #109 stabby There's a lot of antisemitic propaganda in the Middle East. Which is why theorizing that Tamerlane is the same as a Jihadi from Saudi Arabia is really silly. Saying 'it's the same everywhere in the Middle East' ...

Remembering 9/11 Eleven Years Later

Remembrance, rebuilding, and continuing controversy.
9/11/12 6:58:41 pm
For me, at least, the feelings I had on 9/11 haven't dulled. Shock, horror, rage, determination. I don't read here much anymore, but LGF was an oasis of sanity in a crazy world at that time. Thank you, Charles, for ...

The Battle for Ground Zero Revisited

10 years of pain, heartache, and now a completed memorial and rising skyscrapers
9/12/11 6:36:40 am
Charles, Thanks for promoting this to the front page. Many thanks for all the years of allow me to blog on this and other important issues of the day. It's been my privilege to present as much information as I ...

Recommended: The Atlantic’s 9/11 Special Report

The first anniversary Osama bin Laden isn’t watching
171Mark Winter
9/11/11 4:27:45 pm
"I mean, among others, terrorism's apologists, who argue that terror is a weapon of the weak, when it is in fact a weapon deployed against the weak." Can't think of a shorter and better definition. Bravo!

This is How I’ll Remember the World Trade Center

Alive with hopes and dreams
9/11/11 4:14:18 pm
re: #27 Bubblehead II I recall thinking about just that one fine day a few months later, while attending a conference in San Diego. And I realized, then, that the United States has effectively infinitely deep strategic resources from the ...

FBI Investigating Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp

The Murdoch Meltdown comes to America
7/15/11 12:12:29 am
re: #166 Gus 802 The day I see a Republican who admits in public they are going to vote for Obama in 2012, is the day I give the keynote at the Annual Conference of the National Hat-Eating Society.