New From Olbermann: How Did Trump Remember 9/11?

55Eclectic Cyborg
9/11/17 8:33:01 pm
Longish post here so buckle up: With the 9/11 anniversary approaching I've spent the last few weeks researching Mohammed Atta, the ringleader of the hijackers and the pilot of United Airlines 11, the first plane to strike the first WTC ...

Looking back, and looking forward.

AP: The Bush Administration Kept Colin Powell in the Dark About Torture

Reeking of guilt
7/31/14 12:22:41 pm
re: #596 GeneJockey Conservatives can never understand why it is that Teh Juice aren't grateful for how much they love their imaginary version of Israel, and their imaginary version of Judaism, and why we're not grateful for the Starring Role ...

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The first anniversary Osama bin Laden isn’t watching
171Mark Winter
9/11/11 4:27:45 pm
"I mean, among others, terrorism's apologists, who argue that terror is a weapon of the weak, when it is in fact a weapon deployed against the weak." Can't think of a shorter and better definition. Bravo!