Video: Alex Jones Says Donald Trump Is a 9/11 Truther

“I happen to think that they had not only a plane, but they had bombs that exploded simultaneously”
11/28/16 9:41:43 pm
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One of the first people Donald Trump called after his election victory was conspiracy-monger Alex Jones, the loon who thinks the Sandy Hook massacre was staged by the US government, and thinks the 9/11 terror attacks were an inside job. Jones isn’t just an ordinary run-of-the-mill loon. He’s a …

Twitter Timeline: Greenwald Associate Trevor Timm vs. His 9/11 Truther Fans

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4/20/14 11:18:15 am
re: #171 Gus "And I really must remember to point it at the ground while running most of the time, which I never, ever do when I'm filming anything else, excepting Bigfoot."

Why Is Glenn Greenwald Promoting an Extreme Right Wing 9/11 Truther?

Greenwald hypes an article by Truther Andrew Napolitano
9/13/13 9:18:15 pm
re: #155 Balfour Rage Following this reasoning, replace "climate" with "illness," "epidemic," "flood control," or "disaster relief," and see what Bryan's response would be. Would he let God decide whether he survives a burst appendix or a heart attack? How ... Partners With 9/11 Truther to Cover Gettysburg Anniversary

A partnership that had to be
6/30/13 10:40:22 pm
Charles Johnson I'm kind of surprised by this actually. Isn't Breitbart one of those sites obsessed with attacking and demonizing Muslims? 9/11 "truth" maybe about as ridiculous as any of the anti Muslim conspiracy theories they promote, but promoting the ...

Drudge Hypes 9/11 Truther Alex Jones on Twitter

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2/25/11 7:11:23 am
re: #99 ihateronpaul How he views (or rather: sells) himself is pretty much irrelevant to the question how he actually is. He thinks homosexuality is a "lifestyle" and that gay people are created by the government. He is a climate ...