ABC’s This Week Easter Show: Gays Are Going to Hell, Civilization Is Doomed

“A more authentic Christianity”
277Great White Snark
4/20/14 9:26:45 pm
re: #99 goddamnedfrank Interesting! The idea to take this further is to bring two 500 watt lights in to bring the background detail and light up. We have not been using a tripod as the shutter is so fast it's ...
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Today, ABC’s “This Week” chose to celebrate Easter by hosting a panel of extreme religious right crackpots who say gay people are going to hell unless they repent. And no, I’m not kidding. Happy Easter, everyone!

ABC’s Jon Karl Posts to Twitter, Still Refuses to Retract False Story

The hole’s getting deeper
5/19/13 3:34:58 pm
re: #12 Charles Johnson "Source" is a key word here. Did Karl have a "source"? Apparently not, at least not in the sense of "journalistic source". "Propaganda source" is more like it. Jay Rosen's tweet to Charles contains the words ...
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Video: Romney in 2002, Boasting About DC Connections and Ability to Get Millions From the Government

“I am a big believer in getting money where the money is … Washington”
7/27/12 6:39:46 am
re: #25 Mattand It isn't 'brainwashing', per se, but it is of the same sort of relationship as most religions. The subject believes it because they have been taught that the media espousing it (the religion's holy book, or in ...
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