ADL Denounces Glenn Beck

582Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
11/13/10 9:39:18 am
re: #581 Buck That's hilarious coming from a Beck supporter. I didn't quote him. But you called what Beck had said well-footnoted: So please, tell me what you think that Soros did in those years that was well-footnoted by Beck. ...

ADL Director Foxman: Anti-Mosque Rally on 9/11 is ‘Un-American’

9/03/10 11:13:13 pm
re: #67 darthstar It's about 25 miles away from my place, at Exit 29 on I-75. The church is north of the northeast corner of the intersection, Hustler Hollywood at the southwest, about a mile between the two. The church ...

ADL Special Report: A Year of Growing Animosity

11/18/09 1:37:28 pm
I really couldn't be more glad that the ADL stepped up and addressed the more conspiracy-laden aspects of the fringes. However, I'm left to wonder if they're being euphemistic with Alex Jones. He has, after all, an annoying habit of ...