Jon Stewart on the ATF/NRA Convergence

Couldn’t be worse if the NRA wrote the law themselves - which they did
1/17/13 6:00:56 pm
re: #78 celticdragon No, if the judge had sided with the Katonas their lawsuit would not have been dismissed. The only "siding" was that the forged documents could not be attributed to the Katonas. Only the guns not purchased on ...

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Darrell Issa Was Briefed on ‘Fast and Furious’ in April 2010, But Raised No Objections

Right wing opportunists suddenly notice problems
236Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
7/10/11 12:44:04 pm
re: #235 Gepetto Dude. I know that strawbuys are illegal. If you buy a gun from a dealer and intend to be buying it for someone else, that's illegal. I already goddamn covered that. I'm pointing out what the ATF ...