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The Groups and Individuals Trying to Destroy Planned Parenthood Are Very Bad People
Very bad
1 week, 3 days ago
re: #173 darthstar
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Tonight I’d like to direct your attention to two excellent pieces on the ongoing attempts by the Orwellian “Center for Medical Progress” to destroy Planned Parenthood — just the latest right wing reactionary attack on this vitally necessary women’s health organization. First, a piece at Think Progress by Tara …

Scott Walker Tells Dana Loesch Mandatory Ultrasounds Are ‘Just a Cool Thing’
All the chicks dig them. They’re groovy.
663Eric The Fruit Bat
5/28/15 6:29:39 pm
re: #647 Ace-o-aces And he's gloating that this account won't be taken out because it's under the control of a different person. Looks like Twitter's policy needs to be tweaked to not only cover in-duh-viduals but the web properties they ...
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Rand Paul Refuses to Spell Out Abortion Ban Exceptions, Snaps at Interviewer
The clown car is starting to roll
4/08/15 11:05:32 pm
re: #85 psddluva4evah For money? What? He came forward because he saw something he couldn't let stand. He knows about the trouble that will come with the territory, but he's doing it anyhow because it's the right thing to do. ...
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American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer: Atoning for Abortion Will Mean “American Blood in the Streets”
Bad craziness
331Saint Stephen
3/20/15 9:06:00 pm
Bryan Fischer is just giving us his version of what all right wingers feed their audience: drama and apocalyptic, extreme visions. After all, if they tried to use facts and logic, no Republicans would ever win an election again.
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Video: Rachel Maddow on the Horrible SCOTUS Decision Allowing Anti-Choice Protesters to Harass Women
The murderous “pro-life” movement
6/27/14 3:09:00 pm
re: #404 Justanotherhuman all those people have to do is start fucking and birthing those babies, as far as I can tell, nobody is stopping them from getting their own personal freak on.....
US News
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A Look Back at Right Wing Celebrations After the “Pro-Life” Murder of Dr. George Tiller
The horrifying reality of the “pro-life” movement
81Shiplord Kirel
6/26/14 9:08:03 pm
What struck me at the time was the callous brutality of the murder: An unarmed man was shot in the head at point-blank range in the foyer of his church. The celebrations that followed were pure depraved savagery, the RWNJs ...
US News
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One of the Most Disgusting Anti-Choice Articles You’ll Ever Read
Denying the bloody legacy of illegal abortion
374Jay in Oregon
3/26/14 5:38:52 am
re: #372 Romantic Heretic I hate to break it to you but according to the Twitter profile, "All text was found on the forums of FreeRepublic: The Premier Conservative Site on the Net." These assholes are impossible to parody anymore. ...
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Federal Judge Rules Key Provisions of Texas Abortion Law Unconstitutional
The religious right had to know this was coming
10/28/13 11:29:48 pm
Late to the discussion as usual, but abortions used to be (and still could w/ the right equipment ) an office procedure. The only anesthesia needed is a paracervical block. In fact. when one the local multispecialty clinics in town ...
US News
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Wiles: ‘Raw Satanic Sewage Out of Hell’ Ran Through Streets of Austin During Abortion Protests
Predicts “mass slaughter of Christians”
7/18/13 9:37:23 pm
re: #335 FemNaziBitch Years ago, National Lampoon had a fake WWII poster, "Loose tits sink ships," showing an enemy sailor with his hand inside a busty WAVE's blouse. It was intended as a joke. Some seem to have taken it ...
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