In Which National Review Columnist Kevin D. Williamson Falsely Accuses Me of “Fabrications”

Fabricating a fabrication
4/21/16 11:43:28 pm
re: #214 Eclectic Cyborg And the gate too small to let a rich man get to heaven is just about a small gate in Jerusalem nothing at all about greed /s
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In a recent article for National Review attempting to defend his grotesque statements about working class whites and attacking Donald Trump supporters (which I would normally be wholeheartedly in favor of, except this is National Review and they’re every bit as bad as Donald Trump but in slightly different …

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

The Republican Planned Parenthood Committee - Yet Another Political Witch Hunt

Stacked with anti-choice fanatics
276JP Chgo
10/27/15 12:56:30 pm
re: #212 The Vicious Babushka Not true. Many people without celiac disease are allergic to wheat. Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) can be caused by wheat. With EoE the esophagus swells and can prevent swallowing. Ending up in the emergency room unable ...
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Rep. Jason Chaffetz: Our Rotten Lying Anti-Choice Scumbag of the Day

Tries to ambush Planned Parenthood’s president with a blatantly misleading chart
9/30/15 5:37:38 am
re: #1 freetoken This will continue until the anti-choice extremists finally manage to shutter PP. And when they do, the number of abortions across the nation will surge as women find themselves without access to health care, prenatal care, and ...
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