Two Days Before Election, FBI Announces They Found Nothing Incriminating in the Emails on Weiner’s Computer

FBI malfeasance
311Sister Inspired Revolver of Freedom
11/06/16 10:27:18 pm
Please, all of you, GOTV! I have never felt so much fear and panic watching any election as I have this one. Trump is truly an existential threat, both to the US and the world. He must be defeated, and, ...

Here’s some big news that isn’t really shocking, because I expected nothing else. FBI director James Comey announced today that they have completed their review of the emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer, and found nothing in them that incriminates Hillary Clinton. So that’s it, folks. The end of …

Wisconsin GOP Abuses Open Records Act to Intimidate UW-Madison Professor

The dirtiest kind of politics
3/25/11 6:09:55 pm
Meanwhile, the controversial Wisconsin Collective Bargaining bill was published today. It goes into effect on Saturday the 26th. Apparently, the TRO to stop publication was only in effect against the Secretary of State, not the Legislative Reference Bureau which published ...