Wingnut Blogger ‘Ace of Spades’ Deletes Hateful Tweet About Sandra Fluke

A benefit of embedding tweets at LGF: they can’t be deleted
143Decatur Deb
6/10/12 6:20:32 pm
re: #126 Gus A wretched hive of scum and villany.

As noted last week, wingnut blogger “Ace of Spades” was scheduled to be honored with a “Breitbart Award” for “best blog,” because hate shines brightly in the Breitbart Galaxy. Today I noticed that “Ace” has deleted at least one of his ugly misogynistic tweets about women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke …

Heads Explode at Ace of Spades

68Dad O' Blondes
4/18/09 10:02:25 pm
LGF, by attempting to inject "balance" into a overly-heated conversation provides a beneficial service to the readership. Kudos. However, we are in the early trajectory of societal acrimony, an outcome of negative social mood which is a "far-ways-a-way" from hitting ...