James O’Keefe Settles on $100,000 Payment to Smeared ACORN Employee

Another Breitbart-sponsored smear target wins
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3/07/13 6:19:42 pm
re: #330 Dr Lizardo Thanks. Didn't know the actual proper term for it.

Juan Carlos Vera is the former ACORN employee who was recorded illegally without his consent by James O’Keefe for those infamous Andrew Breitbart-funded “sting” videos, purportedly giving O’Keefe and Hannah Giles advice on how to bring teenage girls into the US from Mexico. Vera was fired in the hysteria that …

How Acorn Infiltrated the White House in 1950

Nefarious socialist president gutted the White House and rebuilt it with Acorn embedded
3/05/13 9:03:57 am
re: #159 John Atlas That's exciting! Keep us posted! You can create a Page of your own about it that would get more attention than your comment on a thread that people have moved on from. Hover your cursor over ...

Conason: Time to Reopen Breitbart’s ACORN Fraud

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7/21/10 8:45:40 pm
re: #268 marjoriemoon The South African AF rebuilt their Mirage IIIc fighters up to the new Cheetah standard with extensive help from Israel. Notice how the Cheetah looks just like the Israeli KFIR...which is also rebuilt from old Mirage IIIc's. ...

Blumenthal Fires Back at Breitbart (Again)

2/26/10 1:53:02 pm
"O’Keefe’s role in helping out with and freely attending the event, along with his palling around with characters like Epstein and Taylor highlighted a career filled... " Palling around...palling around... now where have I heard that phrase before?