Saturday Acoustic Guitar Maestro: Sam Breckenridge, “Chayne”

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re: #8 Ace-o-aces That reminds me of the classic Cerebus comic, from when Cerebus was Pope and some woman begged him to bless her baby. A valuable lesson that's as true today as ever.
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A beautiful tune played impeccably on a gorgeous-sounding guitar; what more can anyone ask out of life?

Tuesday Night Indian Fusion Jam: Janapriya Levine - ‘The Children’s Illustrated Book of Music’

Western melodies, Indian instruments
12/03/14 11:08:20 am
re: #368 Backwoods_Sleuth But, but, in their article just two days ago Cleveland dot com pointed out that Neighbors describe Tim Loehmann as quiet and respectful. He grew up attending Catholic schools, eventually enrolling in Benedictine High School on Cleveland's ...
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Saturday Acoustic: Michael Chapdelaine - the Harp of the Warrior (El Arpa Del Guerrero)

A classical piece on a steel string guitar
10/25/14 6:40:02 pm
re: #15 Justanotherhuman But a lone wolf right-wing anti-gubmt cop-killer -- like those Vegas people who'd just left the Bundy Ranch, or the Pennsylvania guy we're looking even as we speak -- they're just lone wolves. They hold singular, individual ...
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Saturday Night Acoustic Excellence: Petteri Sariola Does a Tune by Michael Hedges: Bensusan

244Wendell Zurkowitz (slave to the waffle light)
10/20/14 1:20:16 am
re: #182 ObserverArt Back in the days of national markets and limited mobility of capital, there was some basis to an argument that cutting taxes might lead to increased domestic investment and job creation. Capital tends to follow the rate ...
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