Farewell - Calum Graham - Solo Acoustic Guitar

5 days, 11 hours ago
Old Doctor Who fan here (as in used to run a fan club for one of the 1970's companions, Harry Sullivan), but I've fallen away in the last few seasons. Liked Matt Smith's Doctor, but never cottoned onto Clara as ...

Last week I posted the video of Calum Graham playing this beautiful piece on a harp guitar; here’s a new video of the same piece on a standard acoustic guitar, played on a beach in Maui.

Stand Back! Tommy Emmanuel Burns It Down: “Tall Fiddler”

6/15/17 1:02:41 pm
re: #292 HappyWarrior In a candid and lengthy interview with Politico Magazine, Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) said that Donald Trump has "fanned the flames of intolerance," washingtonpost.com And that was back in February. Sanford has no fucks to give when ...

And Now, a Joyful Video by Sergio Altamura Featuring the Masaka Kids: “Africa”

5/21/17 6:38:09 pm
re: #75 Anymouse re: #78 Anymouse re: #83 Decatur Deb To the best of my knowledge, the service that suffered the highest casualty rate during WWII was the merchant marine. It's a national disgrace that we no longer have more ...