Saturday Night Acoustic Excellence: Punch Brothers, “I Blew It Off”

An American share of 21st century stress
318A Cranky One
3/08/15 1:19:57 pm
re: #315 The Mother Of All Pies Probably a smart move. The static load on the bridge might be too much. Especially on an older bridge. For example: Golden Gate Bridge bends due to weight of crowd

Overnight Jam: Johnnyswim at NPR Music

436Unshaken Defiance
4/29/14 3:59:51 pm
re: #399 CuriousLurker Sadly I think people just get attention fatigue. It's a steady drumbeat of attacks. Eventually unless it's close to home it just goes meh. Anything that becomes commonplace seemingly can get there. Psych paper anyone? Plus our ...