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Ted Cruz Never Gets Tired of This “Joke:” “Al Gore Told Us This Wouldn’t Happen”

The common clay of the new west
1/28/16 5:29:22 am
re: #86 Lidane Yes. I can't remember the manufacturer, maybe Amerisleep? Bought it online for a substantial discount. Best mattress I've ever slept on. Not only do I sleep much better, but I only get up once in the night ...

Ah yes, conservative “humor” time again. Today in Iowa, Ted Cruz recycled one of those right wing “jokes” that isn’t really a joke (because these people actually believe this nonsense): that cold weather proves climate change is a hoax perpetrated by scheming evil scientists and Al Gore. Always Al …

Al Gore: Climate of Denial

Four anti-climate lobbyists for every member of Congress
6/23/11 1:29:08 am
re: #41 MarkAM Nobody but me? But this time, for this speech, I have no criticisms for Gore. I sure hope he's right about the prospects for green energy. If he is, then we'll switch over by and by, even ...