In the Wake of Charlie Hebdo

Perspective is in order
1/09/15 6:43:33 pm
It is a common affront when one story trumps another in the quest for ratings, but of course terrorism in the US and Europe is important to US and European news media, and I have to say more relevant to ...
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As of this posting, there are at least two separate hostage standoff situations near Paris. One is at a kosher market (I’ve heard it referred to as a supermarket, deli, or grocery) on Ave Porte de Vincennes in the 13th Arr (that’d be Southeastern Paris). The other is near Charles …

Al Shabaab Claims Responsibility for Kenya Terror Attack on Twitter

Islamic extremists use Twitter to announce mass murder
9/22/13 11:39:08 am
re: #101 CuriousLurker Since the terrorist act was spearheaded by a woman, likely a niqaabi, are you still going to defend niqaabis when majority of them have fantasies of fighting the evil "kuffaar"? Somalis in Minneapolis have done a piss ...

12 Years Later: Remembering 9/11

Heartache and pain that may fade, but will never be forgotten
9/11/13 2:43:42 pm
re: #188 Donna Ballard 'leftynyc' may have went a bit hard on the hyperbole, but I have to respectfully disagree with your response. The NRA hasn't been a sane advocate for gun owners and gun safety in many years; one ...
US News
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Libya Attack Investigation: No Evidence of Planning or Al Qaeda Involvement

The right wing will have to find a new fake outrage (and they will)
10/19/12 9:46:38 pm
re: #23 ProGunLiberal re: #56 ProGunLiberal I don't know if you have notifications turned on for this thread and will see this, but I'm very happy to see that you're getting help. Welcome back and kudos to Charles for giving ...
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