Donald Trump Retweets Another Outright Lie: The Al-Shabaab Video Did NOT Include Hillary Clinton

Another fake right wing story
1/05/16 9:20:23 am
re: #260 Belafon Hmmm. Fairly honest. Is there something you want to tell us? / : )

Right wing blogs are spreading another outright falsehood, claiming that the al-Shabaab terrorist recruitment video that featured a clip of Donald Trump also had Hillary Clinton in it. I’ve finished watching the entire video now and Donald Trump is definitely in it, as an example of “America’s hatred of …

Al Shabaab Claims Responsibility for Kenya Terror Attack on Twitter

Islamic extremists use Twitter to announce mass murder
9/22/13 11:39:08 am
re: #101 CuriousLurker Since the terrorist act was spearheaded by a woman, likely a niqaabi, are you still going to defend niqaabis when majority of them have fantasies of fighting the evil "kuffaar"? Somalis in Minneapolis have done a piss ...