GOP Sen. Sessions Says It’s “Appropriate to Discuss” Trump’s Muslim Ban

The walk-back is well under way
388Feline Fearless Leader
12/10/15 7:20:35 pm
re: #247 sagehen I ate them for lunch with some falafel!

After initially making a big show of being horrified by Donald Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the US, conservative pundits and politicians are now executing an about-face. The talking point they seem to have settled on is that Trump’s astoundingly bigoted position is “opening a discussion” on …

Alabama Beating Not a Hate Crime, Had Nothing to Do With Trayvon Martin

More egg on right wing faces
5/04/12 10:10:12 pm
re: #18 Charles Johnson Maybe Kingpest thinks they "downplayed" it because they quoted the police saying that Owens wasn't beaten up by 20 people. Judging by some of the comments on the Huffingtonpost article, the anti-black right is reluctant to ...

The GOP’s Slut-Shaming Ultrasound Craze Spreads to Alabama

Right wing social engineering
2/28/12 5:12:02 am
It is ALL about religious superstitions about embryos and zygotes. No legislation insists a male endure a urethral probe to demonstrate how his penile cavities function before prescribing Viagra. No legislation insists you have a scraping from a suspicious mole ...

RIP: Civil Rights Hero Fred Shuttlesworth

“The Lord knew I lived in a hard town, so he gave me a hard head”
10/06/11 12:05:58 pm
re: #729 Killgore Trout I might not agree with their presentation or every group supporting them, but I damned sure support every American's First Amendment right to peaceably assemble without having the the crap beaten out of them.