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Once Again, Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Link to Alex Jones Conspiracy Theory

The whole family is deranged
58Eric The Fruit Bat
2 weeks, 2 days ago
re: #57 ObserverArt I use an ad-blocker but I also pay for a membership...(gotta check my renewal date!)
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He was last seen at LGF when he retweeted notorious antisemitic white supremacist Kevin MacDonald, and before that when he gave an interview to a white supremacist radio show and subsequently invited the host of that show to the Republican Convention. And today the son of the Republican Party’s …

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Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Link to Alex Jones Website - a Ludicrous Fake Story, of Course

Like father, like son
7/28/16 10:25:33 pm
re: #404 whitebeach *snicker* Mary Stewart already did that, only it was a volcano... (The Wind Off The Small Isles) There is nothing new under the sun, to every writer's dismay
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Alex Jones: Trump Is a “Revelation of the Awakening,” Satan Is Stealing Space Travel

Jones and Trump will save us from Satan
3/18/16 7:54:13 am
This is the best thing that's happened to me all day! Wonderful, really, and the best part is he seems to be serious. "Humanity has got to get off-world" he wants what god promised: interstellar travel! i'm just loving this ...
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Podcast o’ the Day: The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 8/27/15

In which Alex Jones spews hatred at Hillary Clinton
8/31/15 8:00:23 am
Alex Jones... Alex Jones... hhhhmmmmm... Hey.... Isn't that the Rush Limbaugh-wannabe who tried to step up his stale radio audience with that Jade Helm 15 thing? How'd that turn out, anyway? Anyone here living in a concentration camp, yet?
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