No, Conservatives - the US Navy Has NOT Filed Charges Against Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White

There they go again
8/03/15 9:25:13 am
How lovely that war criminal West's "store" links to lots and lots of Confederate Flag merchandise.

Here we go again. It’s one fake story after another from the right wing, and tonight they’re all screaming in unison about a completely bogus outrage launched by discredited war criminal Allen West and quickly picked up by the Stupidest Man on the Internet, Jim Hoft, without ever checking …

The Ineffable Allen West: Democrats Try to Win Women’s Votes by ‘Talking From the Waist Down’

Another great moment in Republican rebranding
1/27/14 6:29:27 pm
re: #237 Killgore Trout Gulls have been amazing adapters since long before civilization. Some of them breed in the deep desert. They were already foraging into Utah when the Mormons arrived, with extant populations along the GSL, documented in the ...

Allen West Says to President Obama, ‘Get the Hell Out of the US,’ Then Denies He Said It

Weasel of the day
124Unshaken Defiance
1/31/12 11:43:40 am
re: #118 leftynyc And a the guy involved did a very dumb thing, went running down the street after the robber, gun in hand and fired a shot. Thankfully it seems nobody on our crowded streets were hit by the ...

Stephen Colbert: That Bile-Spewing Wasserman Schultz

The tone hits a new low
390Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
7/22/11 2:47:34 am
re: #388 Gepetto Um, I don't hear 'righties' complaining about human rights abuses, but rather still defending them-- as in the case of West. So, which of these groups did you 'see swooning' over Ahmadinejad?

Allen West Refuses to Apologize for Ugly Email to Wasserman Schultz

West says his military background is the reason why he’s a sexist jerk
7/22/11 12:55:59 pm
Wrenchwench quoth: "You said it with a big 'but' right after it" We've all got a big 'but'. I have no further interest in talking about Buck's big 'but'. I DO find the fact that West lives in Wasserman Schultz's ...

Video: Allen West’s Biker Supporters Threaten and Harass Dem Staffer

10/20/10 12:07:13 am
re: #179 WindUpBird After the way the so-cons took over the Republican Party after they were invited in for just their votes, you would think the so-cons themselves would understand that their religion could take over the government--and be taken ...