Friday Night Jam: Talking Heads, “Once in a Lifetime”

My God, how did I get here?
12/12/15 2:02:07 pm
re: #567 Dark_Falcon It's like you immediately erase from memory some of the stuff that you post in the comments. You did not imply that you would step out of the way. You flat out said you would be motivated ...

Lately I’ve been reconnecting to some great music I haven’t listened to for a while, like this classic Talking Heads track from the ground-breaking album Remain in Light, produced by Brian Eno. This record defined a new style of music, in a way few albums ever have, and it …

A Wild Live Performance by Spoon on Austin City Limits (Web Exclusive): “The Beast and the Dragon, Adored”

Noise pop
1/18/15 7:09:53 pm
*stumbles in dazed & disheveled...* I just spent about 45 minutes following Google down the rabbit hole. Remember how earlier downstairs I mentioned having predicted the wingnuts trying to tie the #BlackLivesMatter protesters to ISIS? Well, I was way behind, ...