Neo-Nazi Crony of Chuck C. Johnson Distributes Fliers Calling for the Death of Children

Empowered by the Trump candidacy, white supremacist hate freaks are getting bolder than ever
8/04/16 1:26:11 pm
re: #608 makeitstop No problem putting up misleading images...but Hillary is crooked and conniving.

How do you even start to describe the depravity of someone who would do something like this? Neo-Nazi Hacker Distributes Racist Fliers Calling for the Death of Children. Auernheimer is well-known as a white supremacist who once actually paid for Twitter advertisements promoting his noxious ideology, and was subsequently …

Chuck C. Johnson posing with his best friend

In Which Award Winning High-IQ Journalist Chuck C. Johnson Threatens to Shoot Me

4/20/15 12:42:10 am
That Chuck C. Johnson (who is most definitely not you) disgusts me. I mean it in a literal way. He actually makes me feel physically ill.

Aurora Shooter Tried to Lure People to Booby-Trapped Apartment

Planned an even bigger attack
261Tommy B
7/20/12 9:38:43 pm
Hmm, wasn't expecting my post to be downdinged. Sorry, guys, but I still think we need to wait for more details here. Charles is correct to point out the tactical similarities to Breivik, but those similarities may or may not ...

Hate Group Leader Robert Spencer Now Featured Writer at PJ Media: The Backstory

They’ve grown accustomed to his hate
6/12/12 5:38:45 pm
re: #59 Talking Point Detective re: #194 Romantic Heretic I really don't have a problem with people owning guns as per the 2nd Amendment. I know there's a lot of gun owners here, but I'm sorry; the people in these ...

Hate-Monger Fjordman Back to Writing After Breivik Furor Declines

The eternal darkness of the bigot mind (or, Robert Spencer as the Walrus)
115Charles Johnson
10/27/11 6:07:07 pm
re: #111 Peter_P3 Maybe you should make the effort to think for yourself, and actually read what Jensen writes. Or maybe you agree with his white nationalist hate speech.

Pamela Geller’s New Book’s Top 10 Tags

Advance reviews are harsh
8/09/11 4:02:09 pm
I watched the NBC nightly news, a "youth" threw a rock at the police and when reproached by an elderly gentleman the yob slapped him. It actually made me mad. And it looks like whole block are burning.

Perfect Timing: Pamela Geller’s New WND Book Echoes Oslo Terrorist’s Book

‘A sinister, subversive agenda that could destroy the United States’
8/04/11 5:40:56 pm
This entry got linked by Bruce Bartlett on facebook to showcase Pamela Geller's insanity.

Pamela Geller Attacks Victims of Oslo Terrorist

Geller agrees with Anders Behring Breivik
1,062(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
8/01/11 1:36:29 pm
re: #531 Obdicut Mkay. I think I explained well enough why I perceived it to have the form of a logical argument. I honestly don't think you have shown me any essential misinterpretation on my part. But suit yourself. We ...

Pamela Geller Feebly Explains Edit: ‘Stockpiling Weapons’ is ‘Self Defense’

‘Insensitive, nothing more’
327Eventual Carrion
8/01/11 7:38:11 am
re: #277 000G I know, why should they be defensive. "No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God." (George H.W. Bush) for one of many ...

‘Counter-Jihad’ Blog Calls for More Europeans to Emulate Breivik’s Attacks

This is what ‘counter-jihad’ bloggers support
7/28/11 6:19:34 am
Just out of curiosity, I checked a few seconds ago. "Gates of Vienna" is still linking “The West’s Darkest Hour.” And the "F*** the holocaust!" page is particularly f***ing sick.