Catholic Diocese Boots Anti-Muslim Demagogue Robert Spencer

Nobody with a brain wants Spencer affiliations anymore
1/31/13 5:26:05 pm
re: #30 Kragar Tony, I'm a Scouter and I'm about to tell you something in a somewhat un-Scoutlike fashion: Get fucked. /that is all

More: Catholic Diocese Boots Anti-Muslim Speaker UPDATE at 1/31/13 12:39:00 pm (by Charles) Spencer’s even more deranged crony Pamela Geller is ranting away: BOSTON GLOBE’S LISA WANGSNESS COVERTLY AGITATES TO STRONG-ARM DHIMMI CATHOLIC DIOCESE TO NIX ROBERT SPENCER!!! - Atlas Shrugs. Those covert strong-arm agitators are the worst. Also …

Mitt #Romney, Pamela Geller, EDL’s Tommy Robinson, Robert Spencer and John Bolton

A photo montage
10/16/12 10:41:43 pm
Gus By the way, I told Loon Watch about this, and they mentioned you and your post here. This is What You Can Expect From a Mitt Romney Presidency: Islamophobia

Following Up Kevin Forts, Breivik’s US Sympathizer

Starting a dialog
202Eclectic Infidel
4/19/12 7:18:27 pm
So he murdered the kids and adults in a pre-emptive strike to save the Western world from Islam. Except that this war exists only in Breivik's deranged head. Mr. Forts is a creep without a strain of rational thinking to ...