Anderson Cooper Slams Republicans for Being Heartless Zealots

12/08/12 3:13:25 pm
re: #70 Killgore Trout What pisses me off about that is the fact they go bashing Sweden for "Being a patsy to the US." Dudes, Sweden has been a very independently thinking ally. They have not shied from criticizing us. ...

Apparently the kookspiracy wing is in full control of the Republicans in Congress. In Kansas, Moran turns out to be just a shallow heartless panderer. For what it’s worth I did write him a letter, but here in Brownback’s state, the zealots are in control. Video

Right Wing Joke of the Day: Anderson Cooper Teabagging Durr Hurr

Get it?
7/03/12 7:44:57 pm
Brent Bozell's a real gem. This is the fella whose "Parents' Television Council" was forced to pay 3.5 million bucks to Vince McMahon's pro wrestling company after it was found that Bozell had falsely accused McMahon's wrestlers of causing a ...