Twitter Bans Two More of the Worst White Supremacist Leaders

Gone gone gone
12/09/16 7:23:52 pm
re: #47 stpaulbear They seem like good cars

The people who run Twitter seem to finally be getting serious about shutting down some of the worst white supremacist and neo-Nazi accounts that have given the site a terrible reputation for hate speech and harassment. Last month they banned a whole bunch of racist and white supremacist accounts, …

Neo-Nazi Crony of Chuck C. Johnson Distributes Fliers Calling for the Death of Children

Empowered by the Trump candidacy, white supremacist hate freaks are getting bolder than ever
8/04/16 1:26:11 pm
re: #608 makeitstop No problem putting up misleading images...but Hillary is crooked and conniving.