Chuck C. Johnson’s Epic Drunken Racist Meltdown

Pure hate
5/02/15 10:37:55 am
re: #64 Higgs Boson's Mate You're letting facts get in the way.
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I kind of hate to write another article about this disgusting creep, but his descent into open racism marks another milestone on his journey to outright unemployable white supremacism, and it should be documented so that anyone considering an association with Chuck C. Johnson in the future will be aware …

Anti-Choice Group Edits Out Planned Parenthood Adoption Discussion

Creative editing, a la Andrew Breitbart
853Patricia Kayden
6/03/12 1:43:51 pm
Except for Righties, who actually would consider Breitbart & company as a legitimate news source? After the Sherrod incident, there's nothing they can say to me.
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Rodan Exposed: The Shocking Audio

Revealing audio of the founder of “The Blogmocracy” and “The Diary of Daedalus”
4/09/12 10:09:52 am
Gus, I hope Rodan spends some quality time behind bars for what he did. I also hope this videos goes a long way to expose the "counter Jihad movement," for what it really it. The good news is that Rodan ...
• Views: 53,082 Tries to Tie Prof. Derrick Bell to Farrakhan

Still more blatant dishonesty from the Breitbart goons
3/11/12 5:31:50 pm
When I think of the late Prof. Bell, I feel only sadness because I imagine a man whose soul was broken, in many places, by forces no human being should have to face alone. In her defense of him, Sally ...
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