Ann Coulter: Just a Little “Light Rain” in Miami, So Boring

Terrible person is terrible again
166William Lewis
9/10/17 6:18:58 pm
re: #165 Dave In Austin Were I on twitter that last bit would deserve an answer like: "Nazi Twit with a fake doctorate says what?"

Here’s Ann Coulter’s take on Hurricane Irma. And here’s what she’s calling “light rain.”

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Donald Trump Boasts of Inciting Hatred Against Innocent Central Park Jogger Defendants

A true conservative
10/19/15 1:13:02 pm
re: #297 freetoken You can search the headline through Google, and read it through their link (most news publisher websites don't filter IPs through search results, since that's how they're found in most cases).

Ann Coulter Takes Jim Hoft’s Misleading Bait, Says “We Saw X-Ray of Wilson’s Fractured Eye Socket”

Spreading lies to the right wing audience again
8/21/14 9:01:27 pm
re: #179 Lidane I'd happily take even odds, let alone heavy odds such as 10-1, that Wilson will be charged with manslaughter or more, by Missouri authorities. And that the case will go to trial. "Fixes" are not so easy ...

Coulter: Nirthers Are Just a Few ‘Cranks’

314Alan K. Henderson
7/29/09 10:57:54 am
I don't think Limbaugh is a nirther, as much as WND would like him to be. I think he's criticizing Obama for failing to disarm the nutcases (as much as possible) by coughing up the long-form birth certificate. His mother's ...