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Ted Cruz Gets the Birther Treatment From His Own Party

Sheer poetry
1/07/16 3:58:14 pm
re: #375 Blind Frog Belly White Good luck with that.

After more than 8 years of right wing Birther insanity, it’s difficult to express my sense of absolute poetic justice to see conservatives beginning to rip one of their own leading presidential candidates to shreds over the very same stupid issue. And now John McCain is joining the chorus, …

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Donald Trump Boasts of Inciting Hatred Against Innocent Central Park Jogger Defendants

A true conservative
10/19/15 1:13:02 pm
re: #297 freetoken You can search the headline through Google, and read it through their link (most news publisher websites don't filter IPs through search results, since that's how they're found in most cases).

Ann Coulter Takes Jim Hoft’s Misleading Bait, Says “We Saw X-Ray of Wilson’s Fractured Eye Socket”

Spreading lies to the right wing audience again
8/21/14 9:01:27 pm
re: #179 Lidane I'd happily take even odds, let alone heavy odds such as 10-1, that Wilson will be charged with manslaughter or more, by Missouri authorities. And that the case will go to trial. "Fixes" are not so easy ...

Ann Coulter: Creationist

Populist ignorance for the teabag generation
9/04/11 10:09:20 pm
"Intelligent Design scientist" is an oxymoron, much as is "Ann Coulter, rational thinker". Evolution is a verifiable fact. It is the mechanism through which it occurs -- natural selection -- that comprises the theory. People who do not understand how ...

Coulter: Nirthers Are Just a Few ‘Cranks’

314Alan K. Henderson
7/29/09 10:57:54 am
I don't think Limbaugh is a nirther, as much as WND would like him to be. I think he's criticizing Obama for failing to disarm the nutcases (as much as possible) by coughing up the long-form birth certificate. His mother's ...

Coulter: ‘I Don’t Think of It As a Murder’

6/28/09 8:32:40 pm
re: #725 Salamantis While you mischaracterize my position, I will happily provide some examples. The wheel. The plow. I'm fairly certain those were not peer reviewed. Plant genetics. Research done by an individual scientist, who was subsequently dismissed as a ...

Ann Coulter and the Council of Conservative Citizens, Part Deux

2/20/09 10:25:41 am
As evidenced by her statement that Jews must convert to Christianity to be "perfected", Ann Coulter has shed any sort of pretense. She is ardently, and openly, a Christian supremacist theocrat. And like Sunnis getting together with Shiites to fight ...