Romney Retreats to Multi-Million Dollar Mansion to Mourn His Loss

“Who will make my peanut butter sandwiches now? Oh yeah, the maid.”
12/02/12 3:43:31 pm
Poor little rich boy. Kissing all that ass and losing every last drop of self respect and anything even remotely resembling a soul. The Empty Man still can't figure out what happened. It's simple, Mitt. You suck. Now go cry ...

There is no joy in Mitt Romney’s multi-million dollar mansion on the beach at La Jolla: A Detached Romney Tends Wounds in Seclusion After Failed White House Bid. In other words, exactly what he would have been doing as President. Can’t you feel his pain? No aides to make his …

Romney Campaign Releases Video Titled “Mitt Doesn’t Disdain the Poor,” Then Deletes It

9/19/12 8:39:37 pm
she is a total liar. the comments are not "out of context". the entire video was made available by mother jones. romney does not talk about helping "the 47%" out of poverty or mention anything about helping "women". it's pathetic ...

Video: Stephen Colbert Gets to the Bottom of Dressage

The graceful interplay of man and beast
7/31/12 4:11:52 pm
re: #33 wrenchwench He's riding as an American, but he is German, trained in Germany. Steffan Peters of the USA team is also German. There is also a 71 year old Japanese man that trained with the Germans, which is ...

Wingnut Blogger Outraged By Implication of Racism, While His Commenters Spew Racist Slurs at the Obamas

Languishing in obscurity
59W of O. The Time Zone Warrior.
6/21/12 3:28:42 pm
I had to read that part twice but after considering, I think he might be right about the shame part. Charles didn't have to be ashamed any more of being a conservative blogger in denail.

Ann Romney: We Won’t Be Lazy Like Those Shiftless Obamas

Parroting the far right
6/18/12 9:08:17 pm
re: #1 One of the Seventeen Exactly. The linked article even states: "President Obama, however, has not taken any foreign vacations during his presidency, usually celebrating the Christmas holiday in his home state of Hawaii and summering in Martha's Vineyard." ...

Fake Outrage of the Day: Hilary Rosen Criticizes Ann Romney, Right Wing Goes Nuts

The right is intellectually bankrupt, and desperate to conceal it
4/13/12 3:05:03 am
re: #544 The Mongoose Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I do not want to take away from the support that Mr. Romney has given towards MS issues. I think anything that adds awareness and research is a good ...