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North Korea’s Internet Access Is “Toast”

Denial of service
12/22/14 8:44:57 pm
re: #163 Varek Raith I love that he's got an ergo-mouse and a keyboard on a stainless steel case with nothing inside it.

Even if the US had something to do with this, the government would probably never admit it, but I think it’s doubtful. North Korea’s network is very small by world standards, and it wouldn’t require a nation state to take it offline with a simple brute force DDoS attack; …

FBI Cracks Down on ‘Anonymous’

‘Anonymous’ is just a word
1/28/11 8:46:52 pm
Given the number of people who have to participate in these DDoS attacks for them to be effective, those who are prosecuted will be a tiny fraction of the total, making them little more than scapegoats. I don't support DDoSing, ...