Climate Scientist on Frightening Antarctic Ice Melt: “This Is Really Happening”

It’s real
5/13/14 11:17:23 am
re: #324 wheat-doggha -- oo bird outside my window I thought this was more interesting. Jim can buy another Nereus plus backup with his petty cash, no doubt. Neo-Nazi murderer-rapist kills self in Mass. prison: 'World better place without him' ...

When you hear a NASA climate scientist say, “This is really happening,” you really should wake up and pay attention: Scientists Warn of Rising Oceans as Antarctic Ice Melts. These people aren’t playin’ around.

Video: What the Ice Cores Tell Us, and How Deniers Distort It

Greenland vs. Antarctica
3/01/11 5:44:06 am
re: #17 copernic ". . . climate deniers have pointed to higher temperatures in Greenland ice cores and decried that this local data is indicative of higher global temperatures in the past." So, that is why Peter Sinclair says, at ...

Video: What the Ice Cores Tell Us

Scientists study ancient ice to learn what causes climate change
117Mad Prophet Ludwig
2/04/11 1:39:00 pm
The scientific evidence exists in mountains. This is a global issue, everywhere you look on the globe there is evidence of AGW. Only suicidal morons ignore the warnings. And on that happy thought, good Shabbos.

Carbon Dioxide Linked to Antarctic Ice Formation

9/20/09 9:08:51 am
From the investigation of high He-3/He-4 ratios in ocean sediments Farley K.A., Montanari A., Shoemaker E.M., and Shoemaker C.S., found geochemical evidence for a comet shower in the Late Eocene. Science 280:1250-1253 What do you think would happen - no ...