Two Days Before Election, FBI Announces They Found Nothing Incriminating in the Emails on Weiner’s Computer

FBI malfeasance
311Sister Inspired Revolver of Freedom
11/06/16 10:27:18 pm
Please, all of you, GOTV! I have never felt so much fear and panic watching any election as I have this one. Trump is truly an existential threat, both to the US and the world. He must be defeated, and, ...

Here’s some big news that isn’t really shocking, because I expected nothing else. FBI director James Comey announced today that they have completed their review of the emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer, and found nothing in them that incriminates Hillary Clinton. So that’s it, folks. The end of …

Stephen Colbert Examines Anthony Weiner’s Penis in Depth

Carlos Danger, secret mayor
106Unshaken Defiance
7/25/13 12:49:46 pm
re: #105 lawhawk Makes me think this is somehow okay with her. Some kind of arrangement. Reminds me of that ball player who gets one cheat a year according to the wife. This seems pretty weird to some, but we ...

Right Wing Group Used Fake Identities to Stalk Rep. Weiner

Right wing cyberstalking revealed
6/20/11 6:49:45 am
Previously I used another fictional detective as my Internet handle. When I posted some comments on the Washington Post and elsewhere that were critical of Israeli policy, someone started signing that name to vile antisemitic remarks at Nazi web sites. ...

Rep. Weiner Asks for Leave From House, Seeks Treatment

Democratic leaders call on Weiner to resign
366Cardio (formerly JRCMYP)
6/12/11 6:44:07 pm
I just feel bad for his wife. Whateves to the political stuff. His personal life is beyond sad. His incredible, beautiful, smart wife is pregnant with their first child and he's was too selfish to think about the consequences of ...

Fact Checking Another Breitbart Lie: ‘No Cameras?’

Breitbart lies on Fox News
6/09/11 7:38:06 pm
Breitbart seemed to get info and pictures fairly quickly. I would not be surprised at all if in the future we find out that the person(s) passing info to Breitbart is working for/with Breitbart trolling for Dem discretions to pull ...

Andrew Breitbart is ‘Mortified’ That Weiner’s Pic Leaked (After He Showed It to Anyone Who Asked)

Sleaze ball mortified, film at 11
6/08/11 5:17:49 pm
So Breitbart is either a lying douchebag and always intended to release the photo or a naive fool. Either way, at least Weiner can't be blackmailed him over the photo anymore.

Maddow: It’s OK If You’re a Republican

Steele disgracefully refuses to say David Vitter should resign
6/08/11 10:23:55 pm
How would behaving precisely the opposite of what you advocate and legislate others to do be irrelevant, particularly when advocating the opposite is so damaging to others?

Eric Cantor Calls on Weiner to Resign, But Gave Sanford and Ensign a Pass

Just some more GOP hypocrisy
6/07/11 1:54:48 pm
What an idiot. So South Carolina and Nevada should decide if Sanford or Ensign should resign but Eric Cantor gets to decide if Anthony Weiner should resign? Self-righteous hypocrite. How does this guy put on clothes everyday with the knots ...