Pamela Geller Cites Holocaust Denial Group as Source for Attack on ADL

Geller accuses ADL of being anti-Israel - by citing an antisemitic hate group
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4/16/13 10:29:20 am
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In other Pamela Geller news, she’s been spewing hatred at the Anti-Defamation League for calling her out, and earlier today she posted another attack on them — and cited a Holocaust denial group as a source: ADL CONDEMNS PAMELA GELLER AND …..ISRAEL - Atlas Shrugs. Here’s a screenshot; the link …

ADL Statement on ‘Pernicious’ Shariah Conspiracy Theories

Abe Foxman calls out the Bigot Brigade
8/14/11 12:58:08 am
re: #169 darthstar Of course, I wrote directly to Snopes once, as I had several examples I, personally, knew of that contradicted something Snopes had written. I received a polite, curt "Thank you", but the article was never corrected. All ...