Chuck Todd Invites Racist Paleocon Caveman Pat Buchanan to “Meet the Press”

7/27/15 1:48:11 pm
Buchanan is something of a gateway drug to the far right. An acquaintance of mine from the music business took a shine to Pat when he became interested in politics following recovery from addiction. Steve Sailer, AmRen and more of ...
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Good grief, not Pat Buchanan again. What does it take to get this raving, Nazi-sympathizing, bigoted paleocon caveman off our television screens for good? He was fired from MSNBC for his crazed bigotry, but here comes Chuck Todd to his rescue: Why Is NBC Bringing Anti-Gay Xenophobe Pat Buchanan …

Indiana Anti-Gay Activist Opposes Mike Pence’s Plan to “Clarify” the RFRA

The anti-gay base keeps giving away the game
3/31/15 5:07:36 am
re: #172 Justanotherhuman "My words were wrong. My tone was wrong. My choice of scripture was wrong. Everything I did about that report was wrong,..." He is trying the old GOTP meme. He did NOT apologize for what he said. ...
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Indiana GOP Shocked - SHOCKED - People Think ‘Religious Freedom’ Law Is Anti-Gay

212Jay C
3/30/15 4:08:15 pm
re: #209 ObserverArt This sounds to me more like a replay of a story I read about in a dKos diary: a Republican Congresswoman from Washington set up her website to collate "Obamacare horror stories": and instead, was deluged by ...
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GOHMERT! Gay Rights Supporters Are Just Like Nazis

Is Gohmert the dumbest man in Congress, or just the most bigoted?
5/09/14 7:02:20 pm
You know, or should know, you're in big trouble when the things you claim Hitler did bear no resemblance to what Hitler actually did. Let's see, first thing is, he rounded up homosexuals and sent them to jail. HE was ...
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GOP Rebranding Watch: S. Dakota Lawmaker Says It Should Be Legal to Deny Service to “Blacks”

Evangelical bigotry
226Romantic Heretic
3/17/14 3:05:11 pm
re: #169 Dark_Falcon Looks like we're going to be seeing something along this line soon. Damn it! Sigh. We managed to make almost three generations without another big war. Let's try for a century next time.
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Judson Phillips (Tea Party Nation): Jan Brewer’s Veto Imposed Mandatory Giant Penis Cakes

That isn’t the full quote, but damn, does it not speak volumes?
230Lancelot Link
2/27/14 9:09:09 pm
re: #200 Kragar So, would my religious freedom be violated if someone refused to let me properly celebrate Kanamara Matsuri? (probably NSFW)
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Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz: “Evolution is a Communist lie”

Also, gay rights endanger children
11/05/13 10:58:34 am
re: #123 ObserverArt I've been a Browns fan for more than 40 years, and I've suffered through some horrid quarterbacking (Mike Phipps, Paul McDonald, Tim Couch), as well as some great QBing (Bernie Kosar). In all that time, I think ...
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