FBI Arrests Anti-Government Extremists in NC, Building Bombs - UPDATE: Inspired by “Jade Helm” Conspiracy Theory

The Fox News audience gets busy
8/04/15 10:06:20 am
re: #204 Dark_Falcon LOL, I think the SS's plan on protecting the Obamas has been called "Operation Hope Nothing Happens." Between people firing shots into the White House's private quarters; letting a knife-weilding maniac run around the WH's ground floor; ...

A Meeting of the Minds: Rand Paul and Far Right Racist Rancher Cliven Bundy

The sovereign citizen connection
156funky chicken
6/30/15 12:44:56 pm
re: #16 Kragar I never found them charming and can proudly say I switched away from their show as quickly as possible every time it appeared if I was channel surfing. I never watched a minute of that Honey BooBoo ...

Vegas Terrorists Planned to Take Over Courthouse and “Execute” Public Officials

Dangerous delusional idiots
389Egregious Philbin
6/10/14 8:43:11 am
Interesting to see the tea party trying to hide behind the Millers being "kicked out" of the Bundy camp. They can't get their heads around the fact that, because Bundy was so celebrated by Fox and Alex Jones, and all ...

Another Mass Shooting in Las Vegas: “Tell the Police the Revolution Has Begun”

Local news reports suspect was middle-aged white man
136Integral Doc
6/09/14 12:43:36 am
Perhaps it's time to have a serious discussion about the Right to Own a Gun with the responsibility of keeping it secure? Shift the onus/liability of ownership to the gun owner. Strengthen liability laws in a way that demands that ...

Courageous Patriotic Bundy Ranch ‘Militia’ Planned to Use Women as Human Shields

Yes, they went there, and even bragged about it on Fox News
459Sherlock Hound
4/15/14 9:34:53 pm
re: #117 Blue Fielder I'm 50. I don't believe in the "good old days" theory of video games or anything else. Back in the day, if a game was impossibly hard, no one would play it. I remember an otherwise ...

Drudge Hypes 9/11 Truther Alex Jones on Twitter

All the way out
100(I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was)
2/25/11 7:11:23 am
re: #99 ihateronpaul How he views (or rather: sells) himself is pretty much irrelevant to the question how he actually is. He thinks homosexuality is a "lifestyle" and that gay people are created by the government. He is a climate ...