Alexandre Bissonnette, suspect in Quebec City mosque killings

Quebec Mosque Terrorist: Right Wing Anti-Immigration Fan of Donald Trump and French Fascist Marine Le Pen

The spread of far right anti-Muslim ideology has consequences
1/31/17 9:47:34 pm
re: #264 Backwoods_Sleuth Here's the ironic part:

Six people were killed last night in a terrorist attack on a Quebec City mosque. Right wing blogs and media instantly jumped to the conclusion that Islamists were responsible for the shootings, as they always do. But today we’re learning more about the sole suspect in this terrible attack: …

Kansas Sec. of State Kobach’s Office Puts Out Spanish Voter Guide With Wrong Deadline

“An administrative error”
4/11/16 9:29:01 pm
re: #178 Stanley Sea There's some subtle political difference between Pat's and Geno's (something about the owners, or locations, or clientele), but they taste the same.

Kansas GOP Birthers Want to Remove Obama from the Ballot

What’s the matter with Kansas?
163funky chicken
9/14/12 4:07:36 pm
re: #23 Brother Holy Cruise Missile of Mild Acceptance Link to ABC article, where it says her tox screen was negative. She was in jail for a "minor drug charge" that was apparently bogus...hadn't even gone before a judge. ...

Arizona’s Pima County Wants to Secede (from Arizona)

Tired of hoping for rationality from the state legislature
242Stephen T.
2/25/11 2:34:17 pm
re: #97 dragonfire1981 I knew a guy who was a pilot in the Canadian Air Force. He told me that on the eve of that vote the entire military was mobilized. He said that had Quebec seceded there would have ...