And Now the Creationism Movie, “A Matter of Faith”

Deliberate anti-science ignorance gets the Hollywood treatment
5/02/14 12:33:43 pm
re: #182 HappyWarrior Not enough updings for that!
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It takes a lot to make my jaw drop after all these eons of blogging, but the amazing thing about this new religious right film is that something so deliberately ignorant and anti-rational is actually being made in 2014. In “A Matter of Faith,” a good Christian girl who …

Texas GOP Education Board Candidate: “We Know We Didn’t Come From Monkeys!”

And mah granddaddy didn’t come from no monkey neither!
1/10/14 7:56:23 am
re: #383 Gus Well, honestly what kind of thesis would you start out with? "I believe if we shut down these swollen lanes of constantly-flowing cars, shit will get all fucked-up right around heah." I wonder if Christie works with ...
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Pat Robertson: Simple Africans More Likely to Experience Miracles Than Over-Educated Americans

We’re missing out by not being ignorant
4/03/13 7:06:19 am
re: #143 Targetpractice Remember kids: Half of Americans are of below average intelligence, mathematically. / Zero empathy, sympathy, or ability to understand other points of view until their noses are rubbed into one forcefully.
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S. Dakota GOP Ad: The Down-Home Farm Girl vs. the Effete Tree Hugging Librul

Appealing to the dumb
10/28/12 1:23:07 pm
re: #180 dragonath Oh, god you know what that much cholesterol does to a balrog's arteries?! The Jersey Shore cast drip with suntan lotion and hair product, but most of that is metabolically inert...
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