Chuck C. Johnson Fails to Show Up in CA for Suit Against Gawker, Is Ordered to Show Cause

Everything is going according to the Rage Furby’s master plan
329Feline Fearless Leader
4/19/16 5:43:10 pm
re: #167 HappyWarrior Imagine the response if someone has asked Christie that question in the same situation.

As we noted back in December, discredited far right blogger Chuck C. Johnson (who is NOT ME) filed an amazingly ill-advised defamation lawsuit against Gawker in the Fresno Superior Court, submitting an almost exact copy of the document he filed in Missouri (for a case that was thrown out …

UPDATE: Judge Throws Out Chuck Johnson’s 111-Page Fantasy Novel

Another bad day for Chuck
10/20/15 9:37:12 am
I read the decision. Basically, the attorney didn't follow the rules and is allowed to try again, but he has to follow the rules. You'll note, nearly everything denied was denied "without prejudice" which means there's one more chance to ...

Chuck C. Johnson Misses Gawker Suit Deadline, Gets Suspended from Facebook

Not a good day for Chuck
374Pawn of the Oppressor
10/13/15 6:55:55 pm
I wonder if we'll see legislation named for Chucksie. Somebody's going to get finally fed up with these doxing, instigating, utterly self-absorbed Millennial Shithead Professional Trolls and find a way to make their particular form of harassment into an actual ...

Gawker Fires Back at Chuck C. Johnson, Moves to Dismiss, Files Anti-SLAPP, Asks for Legal Fees

“This case is a transparent attempt to punish embarrassing - but fully legal - reporting”
577Pawn of the Oppressor
8/25/15 4:09:34 pm
Oh, even better. After several pages of citations and legal explanations, the Conclusion is like a shiny little bow: It's so beautiful... *sniff* HAHAHAHAHAHAAH