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David Duke Threatens to Release Names of Politicians With Whom He Has Ties

The Republican Party’s white supremacism problem
12/31/14 12:38:57 pm
Great! Being threatened by a racist. "Shut up or I will out you!" Just do it Davie....do it!

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is doing some frantic damage control after it emerged on Sunday that he spoke at a white supremacist conference hosted by the infamous David Duke. The New Orleans Times-Picayune has an interview with Scalise: Steve Scalise: ‘I Detest Any Kind of Hate Group’. Is Steve …

House Majority Whip Scalise Says He Didn’t Know He Was Speaking at a David Duke-Sponsored Event

This is me, not buying it for one microsecond
12/29/14 4:20:46 pm
He didn't know? Really? *guffaw* So then someone like, say, Steny Hoyer could have in the past attended an event organized by Hezbollah's Hassan Nasrallah and even watched/listened to a speech given by Nasrallah at said event, and then claim ...
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Ron Paul, John Birch Society President to Speak at Anti-Semitic Conference

The guy Julian Assange thinks is America’s “only hope” will address a radical antisemitic group
8/20/13 8:33:16 pm
re: #355 As Stupid as I Look How's that gorgeous red head boy? Is there any Norwegian ancestors? Or is it Celt?
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About Scott Terry - CPAC Slavery Defender and “Disenfranchised Whites” Illustrated

Right wing racism erupts at CPAC
3/17/13 6:05:05 pm
re: #1 freetoken I'm black, older than Smith, and even though he doesn't seem to know it, I know that the racists in the GOP have no more regard for him than they have for any other Person of Color, ...
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Right Wing Blogger Who Attacked Sandra Fluke’s Boyfriend Recommends Antisemitic White Supremacist Author

Masks are dropping all over the place
558What, me worry?
3/16/12 12:30:53 pm
What I find truly horrifying is that Baynes must have heard SO MUCH anti-Semitism or has been so exposed to it in one way or another (I'm afraid to wonder how) that he doesn't even recognize it. And why he's ...
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Rep. Steve King Defends White Nationalist at CPAC

Overt racism becomes mainstream this year at CPAC
650William Lewis
2/10/12 11:54:27 am
re: #623 Feline Emperor of the Conservative Waste I am not especially surprised given the content of some of his other novels. Some of the absolute monarchy worship and environmentalists as "The Ultimate Evil In The Universe" gets old quick. ...
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Live Video: CPAC 2012, With Bonus White Nationalists

Presidential candidates lend their names to promote white supremacism
301The Ghost of a Flea
2/09/12 2:37:39 pm
re: #300 Obdicut The undomesticated versions of a lot of food plants are pretty amazing to compare to the current varietes: teosinte versus corn, wild chiles--about the size of dime--versus the several thousand cultivated varieties--et cetera. Relative to Mr. Cameron's ...
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CPAC Panel Will Feature White Nationalist Leader Brimelow

Overt racism at CPAC
2/09/12 3:49:51 am
One other thing worthy of note: Srj Trfkovic hails from "The Chronicles" - which is another hotbed of white nationalism from the Rockford Institute (Rockford Illinois) - it's where the Northern Fundamentalist and Orthodox Catholic Bigots cross pollinate with Southern ...
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