Jeffrey Goldberg on the Kerry “Apartheid” Fake Outrage

Kerry’s not the only one to use the “A” word
4/29/14 1:52:56 pm
re: #9 Dr Lizardo New Godzilla movie looks great, but the Disney remake of Star Wars is getting off to a shaky start - the entire expanded universe is to be considered non-canon, and as my friend said "a thousand ...

An excellent piece by Jeffrey Goldberg on John Kerry’s absurdly misrepresented “apartheid” comment: Is Israel an Apartheid State? Related: Ted Cruz Demands John F. Kerry’s Resignation for Using the Word “Apartheid”

Gingrich Now Blames MSNBC for Right Wing Backlash Over Mandela

The walk-back
497Robert O.
12/09/13 9:53:02 pm
I have heard it described that if Apartheid in South Africa was Coca Cola, then Jim Crow in the South was Pepsi. The Southern conservative crowd obviously love their Pepsi. They still openly display the US equivalent of the Swastika ...

A Shout Out from

4/08/09 11:36:25 am
Congratulations, Charles. I get the paper version of this publication, and they are kind of a two-headed cat themselves. Generally, "hispanics" tend toward the liberal, while business people tend toward the conservative, so the need for balance is prominent. Then ...