Video: President and Michelle Obama Dance the Tango in Argentina

Happy feet
3/24/16 4:20:25 am
The party that spent 8 years justifying every Bush mistake is so desperate to jump on every action of Obama as justification of their belief that Bush wasn't that bad, and as payback for what they felt was unfair treatment ...

Here it is, folks, the video the entire right wing universe is already freaking out about, as President Obama and the First Lady dance the tango in Argentina.

Sunday Night Jam: Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas - “Ula Ula”

Retro psychedelic Argentine jazz rap
300Killgore Trout
11/11/12 9:27:51 pm
re: #296 Gus It does kind of flip the story in an unexpected direction. Given the recent developments I wouldn't totally dismiss her story. Let's suppose it's true just as thought experiment; The CIA takes some prisoners and passes them ...