WATCH LIVE: Birtherfest! Donald Trump and Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona

Xenophobia rampant
7/12/15 10:37:10 am
re: #427 Lancelot Link Well, he has certainly pissed me off. We have our own elitists and polluters and didn't need him. Here:
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Sorry to inflict this on you, but if I’m going to watch it you have to watch it too. But seriously, the Derp Quotient is going to be VERY high in this one. Should be a hoot.

Judson Phillips (Tea Party Nation): Jan Brewer’s Veto Imposed Mandatory Giant Penis Cakes

That isn’t the full quote, but damn, does it not speak volumes?
230Lancelot Link
2/27/14 9:09:09 pm
re: #200 Kragar So, would my religious freedom be violated if someone refused to let me properly celebrate Kanamara Matsuri? (probably NSFW)
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Arizona GOP Censures John McCain for ‘Liberal’ Record

Don’t they remember “Bomb, bomb, bomb, Bomb bomb Iran”?
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1/26/14 12:23:30 pm
re: #291 Dark_Falcon I do understand what you're saying, and I also understand your position. If all of these groups and people we post about here seven days a week were just on the fringes of the party - like ...
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Judge: Sheriff Arpaio’s Agency Engaged in Racial Profiling

‘Clearly demonstrated the unconstitutionality from top to bottom at MCSO for many years’
305The Ghost of a Flea
5/25/13 12:45:35 pm
re: #167 EdEncho Yeah, I know I'm being a pendant, but the Night of the Long Knives isn't the comparison you're looking for. I just got through the section of Evans' Third Reich Trilogy that dealt with the Röhm-Putsch. That ...
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Wacko Birther Anti-Immigrant Sheriff Arpaio to Speak at GOP Convention

Birthers will be well-represented at the RNC
63Patricia Kayden
8/24/12 8:14:36 am
But Obama is running such a mean campaign! Why don't the Republicans just get the latest Grand Wizard of the KKK to speak at their convention? Would appeal to the same voters that Trump/Arpaio are dog whistling to.
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