Watch Live: Trump Rally at Fake Lake in Arizona

“We’re gonna build a wall, yadda yadda”
3/19/16 4:18:42 pm
re: #14 b.d. As long as Trump keeps saying that he's going to build a wall, and deport all the undocumented immigrants, and make crass comments about them, he could spend every rally talking about his most recent bowel movement, ...
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Donald Trump is speaking at Fountain Hills, Arizona, site of a massively wasteful fake lake with a giant fountain in the middle of a desert — absolutely perfect symbolism for his façade of a campaign. The only reason to watch this nonsense now is to see how violent the …

Judson Phillips (Tea Party Nation): Jan Brewer’s Veto Imposed Mandatory Giant Penis Cakes

That isn’t the full quote, but damn, does it not speak volumes?
230Lancelot Link
2/27/14 9:09:09 pm
re: #200 Kragar So, would my religious freedom be violated if someone refused to let me properly celebrate Kanamara Matsuri? (probably NSFW)
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Arizona GOP Censures John McCain for ‘Liberal’ Record

Don’t they remember “Bomb, bomb, bomb, Bomb bomb Iran”?
330Skip Intro
1/26/14 12:23:30 pm
re: #291 Dark_Falcon I do understand what you're saying, and I also understand your position. If all of these groups and people we post about here seven days a week were just on the fringes of the party - like ...
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The now-recalled Russell Pearce with the soon-to-be-recalled Joe Arpaio

Judge: Sheriff Arpaio’s Agency Engaged in Racial Profiling

‘Clearly demonstrated the unconstitutionality from top to bottom at MCSO for many years’
305The Ghost of a Flea
5/25/13 12:45:35 pm
re: #167 EdEncho Yeah, I know I'm being a pendant, but the Night of the Long Knives isn't the comparison you're looking for. I just got through the section of Evans' Third Reich Trilogy that dealt with the Rhm-Putsch. That ...
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