Regina Romero on the right, Dolores Huerta on the left, and an unidentified man in the middle in this photo posted to Twitter by Ms. Romero.

Tucson Helps Immigrants in Need, May Ask Obama to Curb Deportations

“The humanitarian crisis … is a local issue. It is a city issue.”
7/08/14 6:07:47 am
re: #424 RabbitRunner Do you ever get ashamed of saying such ignorant and hateful fuckwittery? Probably not. Which is your problem.

Contrast with a certain Southern California town: Read the rest here: City May Ask Obama to Curb Deportations The Tucson City Council has been scrambling to meet the needs of these immigrants. (Mr. Kozachik is an ex-Republican who became a Democrat over the issue of gun control.) Tucson was …