AR Republicans Defend Colleague Who Gave Adopted Daughters to Pedophile

3/14/15 3:04:16 am
re: #73 calochortus Because they need time to figure out how to blame it on Obama.

In a move surprising absolutely no one, Arkansas Republicans are supporting Justin Harris, the Republican lawmaker who thought his adopted daughters were possessed by demons and who gave them to a pedophile who raped one of the girls. Secretary of State Mark Martin says Harris “humble and gentle,” his critics …

Meet Arkansas GOP State Representative Loy Mauch

11/17/10 7:00:56 am
Hey, have there ever been any Neo-Union groups? I guess there are Civil War re-enactment groups who favor the Union, but are there any Yankee clowns who act like Mauch? It just seems like something the Neo-Confederates would mention: "See? ...