Video: Keith Olbermann on Trump’s Repeated Incitement of Violence Against Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump’s sick infatuation with the assassination of Hillary Clinton must be repudiated
9/21/16 6:55:08 pm
re: #243 Lidane Tim used to live up the street from me. Fantastic Fest at the Alamo this week!

Keith Olbermann is mad about this, and he should be. Everyone should be. Honestly, it’s a disgrace that the media and much of the public don’t seem to care about one of the worst things Trump has been doing.

Pamela Geller Commenter on President Obama: ‘Kill Him’

Anti-Muslim hate group leader’s commenters talk openly about assassinating the President
3/19/12 10:17:25 am
re: #456 ProGunLiberal Both are wonderful, although the sexual harassment was much worse in Turkey. Don't tell the Greeks, but much of their culture is Turkish, after 'playing host' to them for so long. Be sure to visit parts of ...