Senate Democrats Drop Assault Weapons Ban

Remaining in the bill: expanded background checks
3/19/13 11:10:27 pm
A familiar pattern has re-emerged. Republicans in Congress tend to be ruthless, whereas the Congressional Democrats continually demonstrate that they are fundamentally gutless.
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Bad news for anyone hoping for real action from Congress on preventing horrific crimes like the Newtown massacre: Assault Weapons Ban Loses Steam. Clearly, this news pleases the NRA greatly:

Gabby Giffords’s Husband Buys AR-15 to Make a Point, Wingnuts Seethe With Rage

Wingnuts and gun nuts do another double back flip of rage
334William of Orange
3/11/13 11:03:59 am
I can't see the comments in the Gateway pundit link. Does that mean I'm blocked?? If so, COOL!!! Small message to Hoft: Image: cZCTsTM.jpg
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