BREAKING! Jim Hoft Can’t Tell the Difference Between “News” and a “Press Release”

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9/09/16 3:17:01 pm
re: #513 lawhawk My brother and I had known exposure after taking a walk last week. We soaped and rinsed our legs and hands off *before* we got into the car to leave the site. And the clothes went into ...

Yes, Jim Hoft truly is the Stupidest Man on the Internet. There’s really no one else even close in the crowded field of dim-witted right wing derpitude. And today he proves it yet again with another BREAKING! post that’s going to blow the “Hillary’s Health” story wide open! BREAKING: …

Rand Paul a Member of AIDS-Denying Conspiracy Theory Group

9/28/10 3:11:39 am
re: #172 Gus 802 I'm wondering if any of those items mention anything about jobs, the economy, HCR, or banker bailouts. You know, policy issues that people are actually going to vote on this November.