Sen. Marco Rubio Scolds and Expels DREAM Protesters

The party of xenophobia
120Stanley Sea
8/26/14 7:32:32 pm
re: #111 Pie-onist Overlord L O L the South folds.

This video is making the rounds today, because it’s a sad look at how extreme and insane the Republican Party has become in the Tea Party era. Marco Rubio, once considered a pro-immigration Republican who favored the DREAM Act, scolds a group of Latino protesters in front of an …

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Lunar Eclipse Causes Panic in Strange Tribe of Throwbacks

A sign of the End Times
4/15/14 9:28:08 pm
I saw an group of falconers at a Highland Games a few years ago. They had various hawks, falcons, and a couple of golden eagles. The guy who flew one of the eagles (which had been rescued after it flew ...

SC Tea Party Senate Debate: A Cornucopia of Crazy (Video)

Anti-science and proud of it
1/28/14 11:26:32 pm
re: #176 Killgore Trout hey KT, I'm thinking that even Morning Joe leans just a tad to the right... your Maddow hard on is unseemly. If you gave an iota of the amount of time checking Bill-O that you throw ...

Put the Quran Down [Mr. President]: Larry Klayman at Million Veterans March

And to “come out with his hands up.”
258Reality Based Steve
10/14/13 12:14:25 pm
re: #246 Amory Blaine Ask and you shall receive.... Confederate Rainbow (with Hello Kitties) Not bad for 10 minutes of Photo-Shopping. Enjoy, RBS

Rep. Paul Broun: Immigration Reform Is a Plot to Destroy America

105Decatur Deb
8/10/13 12:25:32 pm
re: #104 Amory Blaine Will you never learn to think like a Republican? Raising the retirement age beyond physical ability guarantees poor performance. The fireman who can't get a 200-pounder down a ladder can be demoted for failure and, ideally, ...

Creationists Get Influential Positions in Texas Science Textbook Review

Creationism never dies, it just smells funnier
8/01/13 1:31:04 pm
re: #122 Justanotherhuman A friend's Brit father was another who lied about his age, and was flying Thunderbolts at the age of 17 in the Battle of Britain. With typical British understatement, he indicated that if you proved you were ...

GOP Mississippi Gov. Bryant: Education Is Mediocre Because “Mom Got in the Workplace”

Republican rebranding not catching on
75Etaoin Shrdlu
6/04/13 4:03:06 pm
re: #62 Gus The Library of Congress has, freely available online, the National Child Labor Committee Collection of photographs, mostly taken by Lewis Hine from 1908 through 1924.

The National Review Cover That Speaks Volumes About Movement Conservatives

Still fighting the Civil War
6/06/13 9:33:33 pm
Its funny. When my wife and I visited the National Museum of American History in DC last summer, one exhibit contained examples of newspaper editorial and cartoon attacks on Lincoln by crazy secessionists and slaveholders. It was really creepy that ...

Gov. Bobby Jindal and Creationism

New Orleans Magazine - June 2013
6/02/13 12:31:16 pm
re: #19 Mattand Jindal continues to test-market this "balancing act". He knows he has until 2016 to improve it. Depending on how "improving his act" goes, I expect him to go for the GOP presidential nomination, or the vice-presidential one. ...

Sam Tannenhaus on NPR: Why Does the GOP Continue to Be ‘The Party of White People?’

“Who needs Manhattan when we have the Southern states?”
2/12/13 10:09:00 am
One term term is the root of the GOP's ideological dilema, one term caused this mind bending swing to the right and off the road!..That term is pathological Christianity(belief). It has infected the very marrow of what at one ...