Phil Robertson Fantasizes About Atheist Family Being Raped and Murdered

412William Lewis
3/25/15 12:42:57 pm
re: #339 Dark_Falcon I personally know Scott Walker, DF. He's the most evil, banal but evil, man I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. I will emigrate if he is elected. I think Germany would be a better place ...

Here’s the guy who was invited to give a speech at CPAC this year, and was awarded the “Andrew Breitbart Defender of the First Amendment” prize. I hesitated about even posting this, because it’s unbelievably deranged. This is what the right wing has devolved into.

Heaven for Atheists? Better Read the Fine Print

Punk’d by the Pope
5/26/13 7:35:13 pm
re: #164 Dark_Falcon Only in the right's most bizarre fantasies is Larry Flynt part of any mainstream coalition, Democratic or otherwise. And neither of the people you're discussing are even players on the political scene; neither has even run for ...

Pope Benedict’s Historical Revisionism

160Charles Johnson
9/19/10 11:00:37 am
re: #157 abolitionist You've got be kidding. Your evidence for this is a one-minute video clip uploaded to YouTube by a raving fundamentalist nutjob? Sure, the Nazis were influenced by occult ideas, but to say they wanted to "smash and ...