NPR: Some French Muslims See Conspiracies in Paris Shootings

1/15/15 8:00:36 pm
re: #222 CuriousLurker "For things we never mention, For Art misunderstood -- For excellent intention That did not turn to good..." --Rudyard Kipling, The Broken Men (Late to the party as usual, but this comment got the poem running in ...
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NPR’s All Things Considered had a segment yesterday on the disturbing support for the Charlie Hebdo terrorists in some Muslim areas of France, and the antisemitic conspiracy theories making the rounds. For many years the French have been eager to import Muslims for cheap labor but not so eager …

The Police Audio of the Palin Family’s Post-Drunken Brawl Interviews Is Not Pretty

10/22/14 11:30:55 am
re: #422 RealityBasedEbola While channel surfing a while back I came across the movie "Dive Bomber," 1941, Fred MacMurray, Errol Flynn, and directed by "Bring On The Empty Horses," Michael Curtiz. Good movie. IIIRC, throughout the movie, every time two ...
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