Hillary Clinton’s Fascinating Interview on NPR Fresh Air: ‘Optimistic About Our Country, but I Am Not Naive’

496Eventual Carrion
9/19/17 11:59:19 am
re: #477 Belafon What's the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts? Beer nuts are about $1.25 and deer nuts are under a buck.

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Terry Gross’s interview with Hillary Clinton is a fascinating listen, but also depressing because instead of this smart, funny, thoughtful woman we have the Trump-thing squatting in the White House like a malevolent toad, wreaking havoc on everything good about the United States. In an alternate universe in which …

The Police Audio of the Palin Family’s Post-Drunken Brawl Interviews Is Not Pretty

10/22/14 11:30:55 am
re: #422 RealityBasedEbola While channel surfing a while back I came across the movie "Dive Bomber," 1941, Fred MacMurray, Errol Flynn, and directed by "Bring On The Empty Horses," Michael Curtiz. Good movie. IIIRC, throughout the movie, every time two ...

Breaking: Video Messaging Company Confirms Audio of Gunshots Captured at Time of Michael Brown Shooting

8/28/14 9:12:58 pm
re: #203 Mattand They won't hold a vote on impeachment. And if the leadership brought it to a vote, it would fail in the House. Republicans may be stupid, but even stupid cats won't sit on the same hot stove ...